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Fifty Shades Of Asian Play

Ember Snow has been searching for a while. She has always wanted to meet someone that could give her a crash course in becoming a submissive slut. And she is so happy that she has finally found someone! This guy tells her to wait for him at his house and blindfold herself and sit in a chair in the middle of the room. That makes her feel anxious. She is beginning to wonder if she is being watched. But it is not until everything goes dark that she can finally see the light. This guy comes home and sticks his thumb in her mouth. She sucks obediently. Then, he replaces his thumb with his dominant dick, and this Asian slut continues to obey. She slobbers as he throat fucks her in the chair. Then he moves her over to the couch and fucks her tight Asian pussy with the blindfold still on. She screams as she gets penetrated, loving every stroke in the dark. Then she finishes this mystery man off by taking his spunk in her eager mouth. She gets an A plus in this course!

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Blindfolded client fucked by bigtit masseuse

Will Powers swiftly prepares for a visit at home from a masseuse named Karmen. She was very specific about how Will should rearrange his living room before her visit. When Karmen arrives, she sends Will to get undressed in the other room, while Karmen gets ready for her client. When Will comes back, Karmen teases him by completely undressing. However, Karmen implemented a no touching policy and that she would the one be in charge today. Karmen wastes no time in tying William up with cuff links and blindfolds him . Will slips up and admits he’s never been tied up before, but don’t worry, Karmen will punish him effectively. Even though Will can’t see a thing and is bound hand and foot, that doesn’t stop his sexual senses from coming out . With his bulky penis right in Karmen’s face, she cannot resist but to stroke and place it in her mouth, but not without teasing the hell out of her client first! Karmen surprises Will by mounting his huge cock and riding him on the table. Since he’s behaving so well and complying to her every order, she allows him to fuck her on the couch. Karmen is enjoying is huge cock inside her pussy and demands that he cums all over her ass. He explodes all over her sweet round ass with a perfect landing. Now that his treatment is over, she tells Will to count to 100 while she gets cleaned up. Only after about 10 counts, he realizes he’s still in restaints; did she forget to untie him or was that her intention all along? Watch the rest here!

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