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XxLayna Maria in Candyman’s Killer Cock

XxLayna Maria knows of an old urban legend that tells the story of a hook-handed killer known as “The Candyman.” Feeling brave, she decides to see if the legend is true and summons The Candyman (Jonathan Jordan) through the bathroom mirror. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just a story, and the killer appears to claim XxLayna’s life. Now to escape her terrible fate, XxLayna must do whatever The Candyman tells her.


Christy Love & Avery Black in Sharing my BF

When Christy Love learns about her stepdaughter’s, Avery Black, new relationship, she isn’t sure she trusts it and wants to meet the bf. Will Tile comes over for lunch with Christy and Avery, and Avery shares that their relationship status is open. Hearing this, Christy takes an immediate interest in Will, and Avery is surprisingly into it as well. The three bond and get close very quickly in a gorgeous BBC threesome.