Devon Green the Sexy Realtor Rides Clients BBC

This is Devon Greens last chance to make a sale on this house, and she is desperate. So desperate that shes talking to herself well before her client even arrives! By the time he shows up, Devons already made up her mind. Shes going to sell this house, no matter what it takes. Unfortunately, the client seems to like it, but he doesn’t love it. He tells Devon he is going to pass, and that’s when she lets the truth out. She needs to sell this house today, and she will do anything to get it done. Immediately, his interest is piqued. She rubs on his cock through his pants, and they are off to the races. She pulls out his fat black cock, and starts sucking it on the bed. Then she turns around and gets ready for a massive insertion. She squeals as he puts it in from behind and then fucks her hard. Devon flips over and spreads her legs to let that big black meat slide in and out with ease. She gets on top and lets her client ram her from below. She isn’t going to take no for an answer, so it makes sense that shes screaming yes by the end! Watch the rest here!

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