Veronica Leal in Siri Loses Water Everywhere by Hentaied

My friend, we really wanted to introduce you the best innovation in the World of Sex Toys – an Alexa Extraordinary Hot Sex Robot. Unfortunately, instead of it, we got an old fucked up Siri Tron from Colombia. Anyways, Veronica Leal has an outstanding beauty from all sides: Read as Fire Hair, Huge amazing eyes, perfect boobs and incredible body with the softest skin on the Earth. So, as masters of Sex Improvisation and geniuses of Sex Treatments we are going to fix this beautiful piece of Sex technology. Let’s begin the upgrade.

First of all, we make a call to a service and ask for instructions from a technician: you know robot it or not, it’s still a woman, so we have to be careful on maximum. Otherwise, this Metal Lady is going to make wet everything around. Veronica already leaks water from all her holes and squirts immediately once you touch her wet pussy.

The first step of upgrading her sexual system is to make her suck a huge dildo. Of course, she has to do it for few hours. Properly and Intensively. For sure, the deeper Veronica put dildo in her throat the better it for her. Probably, it’s the best feeling to get an extreme deep throat from the incredible Red Head while knowing you help this babe to become a better version of herself.

Veronica sucks for the whole evening. She gets everything what it has to be given: huge dildo, hours of blowjob, deepest deep throat and ton of fresh hot cum. The Perfect Ahegao on her face gives us a hope that the upgrade is done. But it’s a mistake. She still loses water all around and does not work in a proper way.

The last chance: we put our Red Head drooling baby in the empty pool with the hugest dildo in the house. After hardcore dildo riding, extreme squirting and drooling all around the firmware should be upgraded. For that show I invited a couple of friends. So, if at the end we manage to upgrade Veronica, she gets fully bukkaked as a reward for a hard day.

The hottie gives her best to not disappoint us. As the result, after final extreme Ahegao Veronika is upgraded! Here we go, hot sexy robot, enjoy fresh warm sperm all around your body! Great job!

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