Arya Fae tied up and fucked by neighbor

Arya’s neighbor Brad who works nights can’t rest because of the dubstep she is listening to all day long. He decided to go over and ask her if maybe she could turn it down. Arya was feeling a little slutty and decided to just laugh at him then she closed the door on his face. Now that wasn’t really a great idea. Brad tries one last time, with the same result, and realizes that he has to resort to some better methods of getting his way. He goes for one last try, this time he grabs Arya as soon as she opens the damn door! He ties her up and gags her as she is bounded. Now he is finally able to mute that damn music. But guess what? Arya Fae is actually turned on all by this, and wants him to teach her a lesson. You don’t ask a guy twice, he finger fucks her until shes wet enough for his thick pulsating cock. He then fucks her tight pussy while keeping a tight grip on her, making her feel extra used. Brad finishes with a hefty load on her pretty face, hoping that she will keep the dubstep a little down from now on. It might work, but Arya liked the whole experience too much, she might just put the volume even up!

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