Strip Poker Leads To Juicy Foursome

Demi and her BFF Julz have a lot in common. They are both sexy latinas…with some broke ass bfs. But not too broke to play poker, apparently. Their bfs get along and that is a good thing because it lets Demi and Julz commiserate over their poverty together. While complaining over their need for new shoes, the babes hatch a plan and sweet talk their way into their bfs poker game. Inexplicably, Demi suggests strip poker and nobody objects. After a few winning hands however, the chicks luck begins to turn and they lose the shirts off their back. Literally. Their bfs decide to double down the ante, plopping both their wallets down on the table. If the babes want a new wardrobe, they can earn the money the old fashioned way, on their hands and knees. They take turns fucking each others babes, and they are hungry for some dick. They get their pussies filled and then their assholes. Their bfs are really glad they snuck across the border to build this new life with their gfs. And the chicks are just grateful for the chance to earn money sucking cock so they can afford new shoes. God bless America.

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