Futa Fun with Sonya Blaze from Hentaied

Huge black tentacle looks just so damn good in the hands of Sonya Blaze. Especially, when it is her own fat tentacle cock and she expertly jerks it off. Well, as promised, after Jia Lissa’s experiments Futanari moved to the next level. So, from the amount of pleasure and sexual arousal Sonya’s chicks are red like ripe summer apples. Russian beauty rolls her eyes around, puff out her sweet lips and stick out the tongue (if you missed some perfect Ahegao, here you go my friend). And of course, our horny alien friends come on the smell of hot sweaty chick (by the way just take a moment to enjoy these salty drops all over her perfect body). So, one tentacle goes directly into juicy meaty pussy of Sonya. Another one finds his way deep inside her throat. After a while, our stunning futa-girl wants to feel the taste of her own tentacle. So, she goes for a self blowjob and with a fantastic self facial creamy cumshot by the end…

Let’s just remember how comes that Sonya has this beautiful tentacle. We jump back few weeks ago to the laboratory of our incredible scientist Jia Lissa. To the time, when futanari crossed all the limits. To the time, when stunning redhead gifted Sonya a huge black tentacle. After what Jia got fully fucked and creampied by her own creation. And from this day Sonya’s mind and body are forever addicted to sex and to any kind of sexual pleasures.

However today Sonya is all by her own. At least at the beginning… Her perfect body is on the floor and all covered in drops of sweat. When we found her, she was already jerking off. So, we do not know for sure since how many hours this Russian beauty is having fun with her tentacle. Sonya’s beautiful face explodes with Ahegao. Her hands are tired and shaky. So, guess who is close to the one of the most hard and strong orgasms in her life? And of course, our alien friends are here to push all the limits to maximum. One huge tentacle goes penetrates sweet tight Sonya’s pussy and in a second another big tentacle goes all the way deep her throat. However, our lustful creature does not stop to masturbate even for a second.

Finally, strong jets of fresh hot cum explode from Sonya’s huge cock and arrive directly on her incredible face. At the same moment the tentacle fills up Sonya’s mouths and cover her sweet face with creamy white alien liquid.

However, all it is not enough for Sonya (well, IT IS NEVER ENOUGH). She throws her legs all the way behind her head. So, her fat big tentacle arrives directly in her mouth. Sonya starts to suck it greedy, like it is the most delicious lollipop ever. To give more support to our lustful princess, one tentacle comes again for Sonya’s pussy.

By the end of the day, after hours and hours of masturbation, after liters of cum flow down Sonya’s tentacle we are done. Finally, our beauty explodes with fresh hot creampie cumshot directly from her pussy on her face. And just lie down on floor, exhausted, tired, covered in cum, but fully satisfied.

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