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Private after Mardi Gras party with Taylor

Mardi Gras is all about having fun with strangers and today is no different for Taylor, she wants to be fucked by a random dude!

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Cutie in black dress needs cock

Meet Penelope the brunette cutie who is sad about her recent break up, but no problem, there is a cock around to please her pussy

Lovely brunette gf Taylor’s leaked sex photos

This brunette girlfriend got a seriously nice body. Let’s see her pretty pussy getting fucked POV style!

Jaye gets cash for ass

Gorgeous Latina chick knows how to get some extra cash from her bf. She shows her sweet lips and sexy ass and all that money keeps pouring on her.

Taylor’s leaked homemade sex photos

I skipped school and have been touching myself on your bed all day. Im glad you came home. I needed some alone time with you :). Come on you are so great at teaching me things why not teach me how to have sex? I wont tell anyone and promise to follow your every word. You can even let your sperm go inside me. What do you say?

Arya and Jill swapping cocks!

As the babes were scrambling to clean up the kitchen and wipe each others pussy juice off their faces, they heard the door slam closed. Their bfs were home. They expected them to be super upset, but when they heard sweet treats, they were ready to let the mess slide. If you recall from part one, they totally forgot to put the cupcakes in the oven. Arya and Jill were royally screwed. The only thing they could think of that was remotely close to a sweet treat was a good old fashioned blowjob. The chicks switched bfs and went down to penis town. Their dudes still didn’t seem pleased, so they let them fuck their pussy’s too. Just as these guys were willing to let this one slide, they thought it would be best for the chicks to not just get off scott free but also learn a lesson from this. They decided to add to the mess by busting all over their faces and having them clean that off in addition to the mess in the kitchen. It may not have been completely fair, but hey, its better than getting grounded!!!!!

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Arya and Jill having fun in the kitchen

Arya and Jill are extremely bored at home. Their dads are out of the house and they want to do something fun! It cant be mischievous though since they just got off being grounded. Arya then gets a brain blast! They can bake something sweet to cure their boredom, and share it with their fathers to get on their good side even more! Perfect. The baking gets underway but it just turns into a shit show. Jill and Arya start having food fights and get carried away with sprinkling sugar on each others ass and tits. The ingredients made their bodies look so tasty, they just had to lick each other. The chicks dove right into their first lesbian experience, which was just as savory as the ingredients. Just as the babes got their last licks, they heard their dads car pulling up. Uh-Oh. Not only was the kitchen a mess from their dykey escapades, but they forgot to put the treats in the oven. Stay tuned for part two to see just how truly fucked these hot teens have become…

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